Pure ruby gems:

  • WTF Chord?: Ruby guitar chords generator library & cli tool, which also contains some abstraction for musical mathematics. Chords generator is a common but a not only mission, the library is ready for extending for generating scales.
  • Russian Inflect: гем для склонения по падежам заголовков на русском языке.

Ruby on Rails Gems:

  • Console Utils: handy development tools for the Rails Console. Better plays with pry.
  • Rails Boot Inquirer: the implentation of the "Boot Inquirer" component to control booting and mounting isolated engines and dependent gems for current process using enviroment variables.
  • Growlyflash: the very small gem that simply stores flash messages in the X-Message header for XHR requests and then shows them like a growl (uses the fork of jQuery Growl plugin).

TextMate 2 goodies:

  • Ruby on Rails Missed TextMate bundle: updates old stuff from the official bundle and adds many other magic commands & snippets, which I assure you'd love to.
  • TextMate Bundle Support CLI: TextMate bundle development tool, provides some automatization commands, helps to order bundle menu items and repairs missed names for command sources.